-Savoir Bed with Horse hair topper

-Stucco finished wallpaper with Silk stitched diamond pattern

-White crystal chandelier from Murano, Venice

-Bed spread with stucco silk fabric

-Scatter cushions with mountain snow cat fur

-Bedside tables in white lacquered finish and black silver lead accents

-Unique bed side table lamps hand blown in Venice with silk shades

-Bespoke headboard design in black sea sliver lead finish

-Occasional chairs in black seal silver lead framer with Le’Lievre ottoman silk

-Bespoke coffee table

-Silk carpets with Antron carpet fibres

-White snow cat fur throw with matching silk lining

- Artwork automatically reveals hidden wall TV by Juanma Reyes


-White crystal chandelier from Murano, Venice

-Bespoke bench seating with silk upholstered bolster cushions